Writing and Self-Publishing Your Own Ebooks: A Look at How Much Can You Realistically Expect to Earn

I began writing and promoting ebooks online in 2004. To date, I’ve written and self-published over 50. Hence, I acquire a whole lot of questions from aspiring e-book writers approximately the process. And, one of the most often asked questions is about sales. For example, one aspiring writer contacted me, asking the subsequent:

I am thinking about writing an eBooks, just for a few kind of income. I recognize… That it’s no longer feasible to project the income from someone specific book, but should you give me some possibility estimate? If I could write and sell an ebook and generate more than one thousand dollars in a yr, I would don’t forget that a success.
Writing an eBooks? How to Increase Your Chance of Making Money Selling It

I replied to this creator, essentially telling him that how worthwhile an e-book is relies upon on a number of factors. Hence, it’s actually impossible to assure him that he may want to earn even “a couple of thousand greenbacks in a 12 months.” No possible assure all and sundry that if they wrote an ebook – on any subject – how many copies it’s in all likelihood to sell.

If you run throughout some software that ensures you can earn hundreds or thousands of greenbacks an afternoon selling ebooks online, then run. It’s no longer authentic. There surely are not any ensures – if there had been, massive publishers like Random House would have figured it out by using now; believe me. With that being said, there are matters you may do to increase your chance of writing an e-book a good way to promote.

Ebook Marketing: As a Self-Published Author of Over 50 Ebooks, Here are three Things I Do All the Time to Ensure Sales

Following are 3 ebook selling hints. In 2010, over 1/2 of my profits got here from ebooks I wrote and bought on-line. These 3 pointers are from my very own private experience – ebook advertising and marketing techniques I use all the time.

Research: Do keyword studies to determine if there may be a wide sufficient marketplace with the intention to make sales. No remember how exact your e-book is, if there aren’t sufficient ability customers to sell it to, then you definitely won’t make very many – or any – income.

Ebook Marketing Plan: You have to, should, need to have an ebook advertising and marketing plan which you observe religiously. For example, I like article advertising. It’s unfastened and it dispenses useful, first-hand records to prospective customers. It’s one of the simplest e-book sales tools in my marketing arsenal.

If article marketing isn’t always for you, there’s additionally blogging, newsletter publishing, PPC ads, associate advertising, and many others. The approaches to market your e-book are simplest restrained with the aid of your creativeness. But, some thing advertising you do, stay regular with it.

Many who what to recognise a way to write and promote ebooks on line suppose that writing an ebook is the difficult component. That’s now not authentic. The hard component is the marketing – because it’s constant. You can never allow up.

Price It to Sell: How to fee an e-book is not an exact science. After publishing over 50, it’s something I nevertheless tweak all the time. One manner to set your price is to go on main websites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble to peer what different ebooks – to your area of interest – are promoting for.

How to Make Money Selling Ebooks: Conclusion

If you’ve got a huge sufficient market inquisitive about what you need to jot down approximately; a concrete advertising and marketing plan that you following always; and charge your e-book proper (ie, fee it to sell), then you’ll make sales. This I can nearly guarantee if you placed out a first-rate product. However, one component I can not guarantee is what number of ebooks you will promote.

It took me about six years to begin earning five figures per 12 months promoting my ebooks on line. But, the lovely factor about self-publishing is that after an e-book is written, it is executed. And, you could ostensibly earn money from it forever. It’s kinda like having a backup retirement fund – that’s quite cool!